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The nation’s premier Physician Educator and CME educational training resource for Aesthetics, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Industry Professionals

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Business Consultant

Stephen Cosentino, DO, is the founder, President, and Medical Director for Empire Medical Training, Inc. (EMT), the global leader in the continuing medical and Aesthetics education and procedural training seminar industry for physicians and healthcare professionals.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Stephen Cosentino has been acknowledged as the “go-to” authority for helping physicians and healthcare practitioners expand their practice. Dr. Stephen Cosentino is a celebrated business and practice management consultant to medical practices throughout the United States and abroad, providing latest industry insights and pathways for creating strategy aligned with the tools and tactics to achieve desired practice building and enhancing results.

Dr. Stephen Cosentino has worked very hard and with incredible professionalism to develop a team of physician and business practice experts to help practitioners develop and enhance new and existing Medical or Aesthetics practices. Dr. Stephen Cosentino consults through either private one-on-one sessions or through his team of distinguished expert and celebrity status physicians and business consultants.

In addition to Aesthetics Medicine, Dr. Stephen Cosentino also works with practitioners to set up their own Wellness Center, which may not only include Aesthetics Medicine, but also Hormone and Sexual Health Services.

Founder, Empire Aesthetics-Meetings™

Dr. Cosentino launched Empire Medical Training’s annual Empire Aesthetics- Meeting (EAM). Now in its third year, The EAM™19 offers world-class education and training on the hottest topics and trends in non-surgical and surgical aesthetic medicine.  In comparison to Empire Medical Training’s hands on training workshops, these events are a combination of lecture and demonstration only by top-notch physicians.

The brainchild of Dr. Stephen Cosentino, the EAM™19 unites esteemed industry practitioners to lead physicians and allied healthcare professional in myriad courses focused on the most sought-after Aesthetics Medicine industry trends and time-honored procedures and techniques. Dr. Cosentino specifically designed EAM™19 as a network and educational hub where challenges are shared, problems are respected, and ideas spark solutions to today’s most daunting issues facing Aesthetics Medical professionals as they grow their expertise to exceed their patient’s expectations. Participants learn along with peer practitioners from around the country the most popular treatment protocols and treatment trends, both surgical and non-surgical, from the top of their field physician educators. The event is a networking opportunity for all Aesthetics Medicine practitioners, including dentists, physicians, nurses, PA’s and entrepreneurs.

Since the EAM’s debut in 2016, Dr. Cosentino has spearheaded this program with a vision to distinguish this sister company of Empire Medical Training as the leading provider of collaborative, multi-specialty Aesthetics practitioners meeting for a truly immersive educational and training weekend experience. The EAM weekend networking and learning experience includes learning along with practitioners from around the country the most popular and asked for treatment protocols and treatment trends, both surgical and non-surgical, from the top of their field physician educators.

Founder and President, The American Academy of Procedural Medicine (AAOPM)

The American Academy of Procedural Medicine (AAOPM) was created and developed in 2004 by well-known Aesthetics Medicine and Medical Education instructor and mentor, Dr. Stephen Cosentino. The AAOPM was born out of Dr. Cosentino vision for a pathway where practitioners could acquire new skills and work towards a standard of care and excellence that is recognized throughout the industry.

AAOPM offers board certification pathways for physicians and healthcare practitioners. The organization is comprised of an advisory board that develops and oversees AMA accredited training programs for its members. To date, the AAOPM has more than 50,000 members and board-certified practitioners.

In addition, the AAOPM maintains a practitioner’s physician and practitioner database to help patients locate a physician in their area to offer medical and aesthetic services. This patient directory is a coveted service for AAOPM members due to its efficacy in helping practitioners acquire new patients.


Dr. Stephen Cosentino, “For me, excellence is not just a word. It is a way of life Everything I do starts with respecting and valuing relationships. Whether it is with the incredible physician educators who bring great pride to Empire Medical Training through their gifts of wisdom and training prowess, or with my personal world of incredible family members and friends, the guiding principle that connects and sustains these relationships is my quest for demonstrating unquestionable value and respect, every time, with every encounter, no matter what. I am dedicated to always doing what I believe is right. I am dedicated to exceeding expectations, consistently and with passion and vigor.”

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