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Q & A with Dr. Cosentino

The nation’s premier Physician Educator and CME educational training resource for Aesthetics, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Industry Professionals

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Questions about Dr. Cosentino

We interviewed Dr. Cosentino about his life, passion and business...

Dr. Cosentino, who inspired your vision to launch Empire Medical Training?

I was fortunate to see first-hand the successes of my father and uncle, both physicians, blessed with excellent clinical skills. What I believe they lacked, and what I believe physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine today also lack, is modern business skills – everything from strategy to execution to leverage today’s marketing and business development best practices. This desire to combine the best of the science and art of medicine with business know-how was the impetus for starting Empire Medical Training. As the New York Times bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell says, “The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper and reimages the world.” That sums up my inspiration for founding Empire.

Dr. Cosentino, what is your philosophy on life?

I work hard, I play hard, and I dream hard. I live the words of Emerson who challenges us to dare to live the life we dream for ourselves and to go forward to make our dreams come true. I embrace the new and continue to learn and explore new approaches. As a voracious reader of non-fiction, especially on politics and business-related topics, I believe that the more we know the more we realize we don’t know, and this humbling reality spurs me on to push myself to learn and explore even more. I have helped my teenage son Max to embrace this ongoing quest for knowledge, and in fact, the substantive conversations we have about life, politics, and the world sets him apart from the average teen!

And yes, I play hard, too. I am a self-taught recreational pianist. I sat down one day, decided to learn and used the Internet to guide my fingers on the ebony and ivory! I enjoy sports (doing and watching), body building, bicycling, and I take on many exhilarating sports like boating (I am a boat captain). I am a car and drone hobbyist, and I enjoy photography. I am also a collector of artistically created, hand crafted custom knives and well as vintage toys, reminding me of the simpler days enjoyed during childhood. One of my dreams was to become a helicopter pilot – so I worked hard and perhaps played hard, too at earning my commercial pilots license.

Dr. Cosentino, we see many competitors in the industry offering training in Botox and Fillers, how do you compete when there are so many others offering the same training?

The answer to that question lies within the question itself. The training is not the same. The reason there are so many others offering training in Aesthetics is that the barrier to entry is relatively low. A practitioner can literally take a course (many times an Empire course) and the next day they find a web designer to put together a nice looking website. We see many trainers who literally copy and paste content from our information. The reason why we continue to lead our field is because our focus is dedicated entirely to providing the highest quality education and training. We aim to be the best and that is hard to copy.

Dr. Cosentino, what is your perspective on leadership, especially in the world of Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine?

A leader ignites the energy, creativity and professionalism in others. I do not believe as a leader I can do it all. I believe in finding the best talent, the best people with the core values I live by, and then I devote my time, energy and experience to help them achieve more than even they dreamt was possible. President Adams said that if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, than you are a leader. This is what helped me leapfrog from a single educator “shop” to today’s Empire Medical Training organization.

When I first started, what is today known as Empire Medical Training, was just a one man show, like you see now with so many educators out there now offering Aesthetics training. I started teaching and of course our resources were very limited so I had to do all the teaching, but, over the years, I realized that there is no way that I can do it all, I would be doing my student a huge disservice, one doctor, one teacher cannot do it all.

I embrace the foundational principles of leadership – I vetted the best of the best physician educators – and through my dedication to leadership excellence, we have created a world-renowned organization.

Dr. Cosentino, what fuels your ambition to be the best?

I think my ambition comes from a combination of creativity, vision, and an unwavering, sincere desire to stay at the top of my field, especially in this hyper-competitive beauty enhancement driven, anti-aging marketplace. My ambition helps me to think better, think broader, and think beyond what is possible. As example, I started my educator career training physicians in Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine, and today, Empire Medical Training is also a premier source of training and education for hospitals, hospital systems, and medical schools. Empire Medical Training is the Florida Dental Association’s (FDA) preferred trainer for their association’s member dentists. And, my ambition is fueled by the knowledge that without it, I will not just be stagnant, I could become irrelevant – and for me, that is not ever going to be an option!  I embrace the spirit of Emerson’s words – without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.

Dr. Cosentino, how to you balance your work life with your family life? Any advice?

For me, family is the essence of happiness. I am a fortunate man to have an amazing wife, my partner for life, and our son Max, to remind me daily the importance of happiness. The key of course is to ensure that there is a balance between both work and family. I would start off by saying I am extremely high energy, the same with my wife, she is from Peru, so anyone who knows about South American wives, or people in general they are extremely family oriented, which is one of the things that attracted me to my wife.

Dr. Cosentino, to what do you attribute your success as an entrepreneur?

In business it is important to identify, focus on, and advance the core attributes – the unique selling proposition (USP) of your organization. Staying focused on what Empire Medical Training does best and will continue to do is imperative. As example, some of the main features that separates empire Medical training from others “also rans” are: (1) our curriculum – we have a two-year program, it’s not just a one-time workshop; (2) We have a highly credentialed results-proven Physician Advisory Board, (3) our business model is a Membership Model, which helps practitioners attend more courses to advance their expertise; (3) We use business consultants specialized in their areas of non-clinical expertise, like marketing and digital/social media, and (4) We carefully select our Vendor partners – Empire Marketplace.

Dr. Cosentino, what is your philosophy on success?

Success is not a wait and see game of chance sweepstakes for me. Instead it is a strategic imperative. I continue to persevere with continual goal setting and evaluating that aligns with my core values.  Success is about staying ahead of the needs and wants of practitioners to meet their perceived challenges to success so they can best meet the needs of their discriminating patients. In the words of Helen Keller, “You will succeed if you persevere, and you will find a joy in overcoming obstacles, and delight in climbing rugged paths.” This quote well captures the essence of my success as a physician, as an educator, and as the founder of Empire Medical Training.

Dr. Cosentino, what key differentiators sets Empire Medical Training ahead of any perceived competitors?

The honest answer is that there are no organizations offering the high value training that Empire provides. I work very hard to find the best trainers, interview them, spend time with them, and also learn from them the newest and the best techniques, and then I can decide to offer training to our doctors.  Another key differentiator is that our company is very Academically oriented; we want to provide the best training and also provide different perspectives from all our top trainers.

Dr. Cosentino, does Empire work with national medical schools and major hospitals and health systems?

Yes, Empire is proud that some of the nation’s best medical schools are now working with us to receive training! We started working with medical schools in 2019 as a key component of our organization’s growth and expansion imperative. We

partner with renowned companies and medical school such as Columbia, UCLA, UCI, UC Riverside. Empire Medical Training is also a premier source of training and education for hospitals and hospital systems.

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